Almost 10 000 people must use nearly 58 kilometers of wires, over 400 000 parts and just as many nuts, bolts and screws to create a Boeing 737.

Our simulator, although equally nice to fly, is a little less complicated – and much more compact. And while it takes one instructor to attend it, each flight is only possible thanks to people, companies and institutions that helped us reach the skies with their hard work and sacrifice. We would like to thank them for their energy and input, without which we could not share the passion for flying as effectively as we do now. Thank you for being with us – we hope to share many more flights with you!


Thanks to our cooperation with “Drzewiecki Design” we can fly over some really extraordinary sceneries. It was they who delivered us sceneries of the Seattle, New York and Moscow airports, as well as all Polish airports. They deserve much praise for the outstanding visual realism seen in our simulator.


For well over two decades “FlightDeckSolutions” founders have been passionate about the world of flight simulation. This passion has driven every aspect of Flightdeck Solutions. A hand picked, highly skilled and dedicated group of people make up the team at FDS. They “Listen, Understand, Create and Deliver” to provide a “one stop shop” for all your flight simulation needs.

KeyNet 2.0 Tomasz Pasiński” is responsible for the heart of our simulator. This company hand-picked and delivered all of our computer components, but also keeps us safe from any future headaches. Many larger firms could learn from their engagement and professionalism.